Moulding lines

Because of market and customer requirements G U T has developed in the recent years a new product in the division of no-bake moulding lines in addition to our core business of sand reclamation.

The focus lies on partially mechanized no-bake moulding lines for cold-resin-bounded moulding materials. The target is among other issues the division of production of medium-large castings with piece weights up to 7,5t, which cannot be produced on fully automatic plants because of a small lot size.

The G U T moulding line (G U T-form) includes as system solution different components, which are installed in the individual foundry according to the boundary conditions. The different components consist of transportation systems (cranes, roller conveyors, transfer trolleys, etc.) mixer stations, coating stations optionally with final drying oven and separator systems for flask and model.

More information is available on request.


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