Chromite separation

One of the crucial points in the G U T delivery program are the chromite sand separation plants.

In comparison with silica sand chromite sand features a higher temperature resistance and a better thermal conductivity. These attributes predestinate this kind of sand especially for no-bake moulding-lines with high material accumulation and for casting materials with high casting temperatures as they are for example in steel casting. On the one hand chromite sand guarantees a high quality for several casting products, on the other hand this kind of sand amounts the cost of moulding material, if there is no internal circuit. Chromite sand is around a multiple more expensive than silica sand.

The amalgamation of chromite sand and silica sand, which arises inevitably at the shake-out station, may lead to quality problems of the casting, in case of reuse of the reclaimed sand.

With G U T plants chrome ore sand can be separated sorted from silica sand and can easily be re-used in the sand circuit for cores and moulds. The separation of single grained and dust-free sands occurs in four steps by a combined technology, two magnet-steps and “density-separation”, as well as screening technology.

In the first separation step (I) silica sand is separated by a high power magnetic drum from the magnetic particles. The silica sand can be reused directly in the sand circuit. The magnetic particles pass through the next three steps (II – IV) of the plant, where the chromite sand is refined. During this process step subversive elements like exothermic riser material are eliminated to a large extent from the sand. This procedure makes an important contribution to the amelioration of the casting’s surface.

Almost 35 chrome ore separation plants were already sold worldwide and for this product G U T holds a clear market leadership. The separation plants are integrated mostly into existing sand reclaim systems.

Because of high cost for new chromite sand, it must be considered that the plant works very profitable and offers you a very short time of amortization. Furthermore, our customers have realized cost savings in binder, because of a constantly good sand quality and a decrease of cost in the fettling shop. These facts do convince!

We are at your disposal to prepare an analysis of the actual status as well as of cost-effectiveness and to present to you the plant technology in detail. Commit your task to us.


The G U T Giesserei Umwelt Technik GmbH is certified by Lloyd's Register in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, and thus ensures quality at the highest level.